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I don’t know.

In my mind I was thinking about the platform on which we speak and a metaphorical “Nuclear” get them off it…

But, since you asked, Thin Man, I don’t know the answer to what we need to do upon conviction.

Part of me says, yes, execution, yes. But what message does that send the victims of the executed? I mean, I was sexually abused as a child. I wasn’t murdered. I’m glad I wasn’t murdered. If I were I would want the punishment of my murderer to be more severe than that of my assaulter.

Being sexually abused is not as bad as being murdered. If we execute them, aren’t we saying to the victims of sexual assault,

“you may as well have been murdered, that’s how bad the violation is, you haven’t been murdered, but legally, you may as well have been.”

That makes me uncomfortable.

But, as a childhood sexual assault and abuse survivor, I know that is a life sentence for me, so logically, it would square up if they got life without the possibility of parole. That way what my attacker(s) 😢 did to me, is also done to them.

It might be an emotional response more than a reasoned one. I’m open to that being the truth from a legal perspective. What do you think?