H. Nemesis Nyx if we are interested in submitting to Extra Newsfeed, how can we do so?
Will Staton

I don’t run that pub. I’ve was invited to submit a piece and I have published two others after that initial invite.

Latest one is here.

I’d advise you to go to their site and look for their submission guidelines.

I really like that publication. They are up to something unique, make it clear that it is ranting and don’t over edit things.

They’re very cool.

Another pub I’ve been loving a ton is the Bullshitlist run by Shaun Gamboa. That one has been killing it a while. I’ve only had one successful publish with them, as an invite, but I want to submit more.

Let me know what you find out about ExtraNewsFeed’s guidelines, TGM writers are definitely good enough to widen their audience by pitching to other pubs.

We support you and want to be a launch pad here.


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