In this reality, we cannot expect to control other people’s actions.
There’s a lot more people in my shared reality than yours.
Sumant Manne

I don’t want to control anyone’s actions. I want to make it clear that people are RESPONSIBLE for their actions. I want freedom for all people. I want real equality.

Do I think men and women are the same? No way! We aren’t the same and we should not be. We need different things.

I embrace diversity. I don’t want everyone to be just like me. What is terrifying about our political situation is that we have a government that has lost its checks and balances. Trump on his own cannot cause THAT MUCH damage if the checks are there to prevent it.

But the checks and balances are gone. Gone. Gone.

That is a crisis. It will harm all of us. The people in this country voted for all the corruption they say they hate because they disregarded actions in favor of the words they heard. And the words were blatant threats against others.

I am not afraid of Trump. I am afraid of the group inside the supporters who are hateful and love white supremacy. White supremacy has destroyed this planet, wiped out entire populations and continues to cause tremendous amounts of unnecessary suffering.

It is terrifying.

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