You asked what pain I was feeling.
Ré Harris

I feel this.

I have so much I want to say. I just cannot find the words. Ré Harris, you aren’t feeling anything you shouldn’t, you aren’t thinking wrongly. You had a right to say no, you have a right to personal space and boundaries and human dignity.

You are completely normal, it’s the world that’s gone mad.

And we have so much in common. So much.

I’m here, still listening. If you think of anything else I can do to support you, please know you can ask.

I would hug you so tight if you were in front of me. I understand. All of those stories could have been mine.

Sending as much love and positivity to you as I can. I will be thinking about you, wishing for your release from that pain.

You don’t deserve it. And you didn’t do a damn thing wrong. Not. One. Thing.

-Cyborg 🌺
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