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I get this.

So when I get like this…

I have to ask myself how many times I’ve been in a room with someone who was upset and when I asked that someone if there was anything I could do to help and that someone’s response was ‘no.’

Then I name the someones who ‘no’d’ me.

Then I think of the others who I’ve asked that same question to, but who’s answer was different. Their answer was one of a few —

  1. ‘You just did something to help.’
  2. ‘Yes — followed by a request.’
  3. ‘I’m not sure, but if I think of something I will let you know.’

Then I name the others.

Then I stick more toward the others company.

It affords me opportunities. One will come up very quickly.

I’m action oriented. If I see a problem, but have no task associated with the fix, I get very sick.


So interestingly, what you have done with this post is something others have done for me. I don’t know how often you read my responses to others around here, but they are nearly always crafted with the aim of supporting an other who’s written something about a problem.

I don’t respond with support and love unless I feel it or think that maybe something I say might make the other feel or think something that could help.

That is a channeling I do.

This response is as much for me as it is for you. Because if I had just kept on scrolling through this without giving you this piece of me to do with what you choose — I would not have ceased the opportunity you provided for my action.

My act is to write in support of others. That keeps my face in the sun.

Everything is going to be alright. Sometimes we have to look for smaller acts to do — sometimes we mistake outcome for success or use that as a measure of our helpfulness.

But that beaker is broken. The key is attachment to the heart and mind of the other you want to assist and detachment from whatever outcome is manifested after you act.

And when that fails if it helps you to recharge through solitude, understand that you are taking that action for the greater good — not just of yourself in your life but for others you’d want to support or help. When the pot boils I have a hard time identifying the things I can do that would be helpful, so stepping back prevents acts that do more harm than good. That in and of itself solves a problem. And this post details a problem that you can solve; solving this thing is just as important as solving those specific things on your list.

Because it will make you a stronger supporter and a problem solver for the person who needs to be at the center of the acts you mean to take — you.


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