conflate: combine two or more ideas into one
Caleb Ramsby

I get your meaning.

I wasn’t refuting lies

With this particular post, I was continuing my original point, way way back in response to the original post, in which I corrected a flatly false statement made by some Australian Trump fan.

I must call her that at this point, because ZOMG the shit she writes is blatantly, painfully, obviously, obnoxiously intended to put on the air of “independent thought,” but essentially amounts to disinformation disingenuously spread in support of our fearful Liar in Chef.

My original response to said non-citizen was intended to do nothing more but elevate the truth by providing sourced evidence anyone can find, but most won’t be bothered to review. What’s more is if I do such a thing and then refuse to stand with the material I selected, then essentially it’s a dump and run — leaving anyone on the fence to either jump over to the side of willful ignorance or stay put straddled with their sex parts all bunched.

And I am not the Cyborg promoting bunched fenced bits — if you catch my drift.

At any rate, I am with you, I hear you. I know where that poster stood relative to the fence.

My target was over his head, ya dig?

As always, a pleasure meeting you here, Caleb Ramsby. Always a pleasure.


-Cyborg 🌺