*Person of Color*
Patrick Akhuem-o'khan

I have never seen that before.

I’m shocked, but not shocked at the same time. How does that work out?

What happens in the mind when reading something like this? How does that impact a child seeing those words in a book meant to educate them? Did anyone think about THAT at all?

Or did they think about it for a long time and write that thing down with the knowledge of how those words might affect people?

Which one is worse? Is it worse that a person would write such a thing with the knowing or without the knowing?

These books, the education — they serve multiple purposes. They educate and assimilate — proclaim and normalize. They are meant to teach.

How could a person wielding a weapon so deadly as pen to paper do this and get away with it? Don’t we know the culling of souls or the attempt of such evil is an act against God?

So many questions, all boiling down to a massive frustration inside me. How can this not be all the evidence that could ever be needed?

I am appropriately infuriated by this. If my child ever comes home from school with something like this in a book — God save his “educators” because hell has never seen the furry I would unleash.

Good fucking grief. Pathetic piece of crap whoever wrote that and everyone who believed it.

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