I assume you think the “actual topic” of the original article was womens’ fear, and women’s pain.
Tall Small

I interpreted that statement differently.

No. I don’t believe suffering is a comparable thing. I understand you saw that comment as an insinuation. And actually IF a comparison is there it ONLY refers to the:

Pain of rejection compared to the pain of what causes the fear.

And IF that is the comparison, it is appropriate, has nothing to do with male suicide (directly, over all and/or the link to that is sketchy at best) and I agree with it too.

But, you are correct. I have empathy. And that means I don’t compare “suffering” to other “suffering.” I don’t believe that is an ok thing to do.

So on this we agree.

The suicide thing was not in attendance before you brought it up, so I cannot sit here and say, “yeah, you shouldn’t tolerate that kind of comparison,” because you were the one who compared those things in the first place. The author of the OP didn’t.

I hope this makes sense. I’m not trying to brow beat you or talk down to you. I just really really really hate invalidation. I hate manipulative tactics. And I understand now, that wasn’t what you were REALLY trying to do.

But can you understand how it looked to me from my view? If so, we have no issues and we are very clear.

I hope you do write about male suicide. I will chime in and support you too.


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