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I know this label. In fact, just earlier today I posted something about my experience. When I found out.

Please read it. I was told it was going to be so hard to work through this, that I could never be cured. And it is true that I have pain and hardship EVERY SINGLE DAY because of this Injury, but I am learning to live with it. I know IDEATION. I know the tricks of the mind.

I know them! I know you. You and them are NOT THE SAME. You can get through this, Soraya Bakhbakhi. If I can, YOU CAN.

I understand that you don’t want to be guilted into hanging around, but dammit, Soraya, other people do live with the exact same brain tricks yours is pulling on you. There are countless people in the world who KNOW THIS PAIN. They do. You are not alone. I know so many people I never would have met because of my diagnoses. AND the right treatment, with the right people DOES NOT HAVE TO SUCK. It is hard, but I have resources that I will leverage in a second to help you. Please don’t give up.

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