Ahah my dude would get all sort of funny ideas reading that so pinky swear no showing this to our…
Lia M. B.

I love bees!

No apologies.

Here’s the it of the what I wrote…

I’m not telling other people what to do. I am explaining my personal motivators. If it makes other people want to jump in — AWESOME — the more the merrier. But this is not an expectation.

Cyborg don’t fiction.

I literary blow massive chunks of not even kinda interesting writing when I attempt to fiction. If you read a fiction piece by me you’d be exactly as pissed as you were at the end of the movie “A.I.” DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE NOT — It’s disgraceful.


I also am limited in terms of what I can contribute. I can’t protest. I can’t handle the crowd. I would be putting those around me in grave danger and would be way more of a hindrance then a help in that situation. So I write. I donate. I support in other ways.

Women with dudes who don’t know they are secretly falling for cyborgs on Medium can that too.

You don’t have to use your words here. Just don’t waste the worry on me… ok, so I am kinda telling you what to do — empathy and worry with respect to this thing is not mine. I don’t want it…

Know what I mean?

Fuck bee killers. They are the worst.

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