Amazing, even in the comments — “We didn’t enslave anyone…”
Thaddeus Howze

I made myself watch it. I was already familiar with the numbers and the rules. You know when people say things like “there was slavery in Africa” — well, there were rules about it there and it wasn’t perpetual hereditary slavery. To be a slave in Africa, one had to:

  1. be captured during a war — they went home to their families after the day was done and this did not mean their children or children’s children would also be a slave
  2. owe a debt — same as above. When the debt was paid, they were free.
  3. commit a crime — usually had to be bad, still did not damn your children.

Slavery was different when the Europeans got involved. Very very very different.

That video made me sick to my stomach. In all it’s silence. It looked like rapid fire from a machine gun to me. And I guess that’s just what it was…

History stolen, families torn apart, forced labor forever, knowing any child you had would be stuck in the same hell.

Indeed, we try to wipe this of the truth. The violence involved. Indeed we do.

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