How to know if you have been friend-zoned.
Abheek Talukdar

I rather like this piece because it highlights the foolishness of never asking for what you want directly and the bitterness that grows from that passive place.

Thank you for illustrating this so well. It’s unfortunate, but I imagine most won’t understand that to get our needs and/or desires met by others we have to ask, be willing to withstand the pain of rejection and be ready to accept what ever their answer is to our questions.

Oblivious to your feelings is right, except there were questions in her mind that were seen on her face as she wet her lips. When nothing resulted from that she felt her question answered, took her rejection on the chin and continued to love back anyway. Poor assumptions all around.

Speak up if you love someone. Tell them. If they say no, at least you know that ‘No’ was with intent.

You two friendzoned each other. But I’m thinking based on this, you already knew that…

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