Because I was on the phone texting with you the night of Mom’s incident, I did not want you to read…
Tre L. Loadholt

I remember. It was a bad night.

Very bad. And it has stuck with me too. That thing — the loop — babe, I don’t know it so much in the context of THIS particular topic, but I have that… You know this.

So this is something I can understand, better than I want to, if I’m truthful. Trauma. Just re-uptake, re-activate and re-uptake again. It’s a wonder than any Person of Color in this country can function AT ALL. I can’t believe trauma specialists have not stepped in at this point.

This is a health crisis. We cannot hope to survive with all of us running around PTSDing all over the damn place. Some of us are gonna have to stay sane. And the racists — those ones are the sickest of the sick — they don’t know they’re sick — THAT’s HOW SICK THEY ARE.

Running around all ‘Bruce Willis’ in M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Sixth Sense…’ except the Haley Joel Osment hospital scene would sound like this:

It’s madness. Complete madness. Each time something like this happens I think —

“Ok, ok, NOW we have hit the bottom; surely people understand what is happening NOW; NOW we we can start the real talk and move forward”

Then it happens AGAIN! And I want to SCREAM MY FACE OFF!!!

What is ROCK BOTTOM?!? Here’s a strategy for whites and law enforcement:

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!”

Because they are creating what has the potential to completely destroy us…

“When the Earth shrugs us off like dinosaurs…” ~Ani DiFranco

I guess we’re in a hurry to go down the flusher. Regardless, we are all going down together. I hope my fellow melanin-challenged friends recognize that the color of their skin ain’t gonna mean a damn thing with respect to where they are in the order of the “SUCKED IN.” We’re all going down if this doesn’t change. Pecking order? HA. What a fucking joke.

The Medical Community is going to have to get involved or I don’t know what will happen. We need doctors very focused on mass communication campaigns — CAMPAIGNS focused on treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder for White People and Trauma for People of Color (and law enforcement too — hey, if they are “afraid” and they mean it, sounds like they need treatment for that to me). This is out of control. It is a PLAGUE.

And I am glad I made you laugh some, yes it was intended.