Pampered, privileged and annoying as hell: why SJW’s need to borrow a clue
Pete Ross

I think this is a very well reasoned and well written post. I like it.

I also think that it is hard for people (myself included) to avoid getting fired up and want to lash out — because to see injustice and remain silent is a form of agreeing with injustice.

But about that, you are seeing an injustice and you are speaking out and I think that’s cool. We can go around and around in circles here if we aren’t careful. It’s also important to take context into consideration along with frequency.

A tweet categorized as injustice is probably reaching… UNLESS, there is significant context, regular frequency of the behavior (a mistake isn’t a mistake if it is repeated over and over) and if there’s some sort of judgment doled out at others… a mistake can and should be forgiven. We all do make mistakes.

So, I understand. I do wonder if the SJW category isn’t a generalization that could use some nuance in your piece? I can read nuance into it, but I value directness. :)

Anyway, nice work.

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