Who says thats true?
Sumant Manne

I think your belief is incorrect.

I think that the drive you are talking about comes from dominance. Is there a clear, straight line as in there is NO element of desire?!?

No! Of course not. We aren’t 2-dimensional.

Some men, who are not homosexual rape men. They have no sexual desire for men, yet they rape them. That is about dominance, not sexual drive.

Pedophiles might be the exception here. Because by definition, “pedophile” is a sexual orientation, rather than a fetish for dominance coupled with entitlement and/or hatred. The result of which is usually forcible rape through violence or coercion — of another person or in some really grotesque situations — even animals.

Pedophilia may be the exception, but it only proves the rule. And this can obviously be perpetrated by a man or a woman.

In the end there is still an element to that orientation that relates to dominance, simply by virtue of the dynamics between an adult and a child.

Again, you have come to a critical place here with me. Because if you are arguing that something ought be done about any of the above, you are my ally. And that’s a hot seat for you since I am still a chest thumping-card-carrying