And you Jules are a throughbred filly.
Ayesha Talib Wissanji

If I am an animal, there are several possibilities and it depends which way I’m looking and/or which way others are looking at me…

To the East I am an owl, so I can see deception and articulate it in the night. Some might find this part of me unnerving if they are trying to hide.

To the South I am a fox, so I can change my shape and understand how others take in the world and what they see when they look out.

To the West I am a Whale, so I can remember the all the history and use it to predict what’s coming up next.

To the North I am a porcupine, so I can remind others to have fun, be playful and enjoy their inner child.

Above all I am a Horse, which helps me understand power, what it means, where it comes from and how to wield it.

Within I am a spider, so I can be a maker and creative. Spiders visit me all the time. They scare the daylights out of me. When I am creating a lot a lot a lot, they will drop into my lap or on top of my head while I am driving. No shit. Not cool, spiders. Not cool at all.

To the Right, I am a hawk, so I can see the bigger picture and protect my loved ones by delivering the messages or showing a new perspective. Connection.

To the Left, I am Coyote, the happy little trickster. I get myself in messes of my own creation often to protect, I think I’m going the right way, but sometimes I get trapped…

Jules, you should see this next stuff:

I’ve never been a cow, although I love them muchly. And I’ll tell you something else, that particular type of cow scares the living SHIT out of me during drives. They terrify me. They are many times the size of the angus and usually pretty pissed off about being asked to move. I’ve had one square up with my 17 hand Foxtrotter before.

And now, Ayesha Talib Wissanji I have to deal with the thing THAT just brought up for me.

Sheesh. Anyway, horses. I’m a mustang. A blue roan mustang.

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