Hey Jaden,
Zõmbïē Sølö

I’m annoyed.

In the first place, aren’t you doing the thing you’re asking other people not to do?

“Can’t other people have an opinion?”

Yeah, I can. My “opinion” is that Danna was rude and shamed someone she didn’t know because… I don’t know.

Maybe she’s judgmental.

Maybe she thinks she knows better than that person does about her own life.

Maybe she wants to impose her will on other people.

Maybe she doesn’t like the idea of a woman enjoying sex.

Who fucking cares! OMFG WHO CARES WHY?

If people find it rude, who are YOU to tell them they are wrong?

Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not wrong.

And if I don’t want to interact with someone because I don’t appreciate them attacking a stranger for no good reason other than WHATEVER THE FUCKING REASON IS / WAS I DO NOT GIVE A GOOD GOD DAMN, I do not have to interact with that person.

It is called BOUNDARIES.

Get some.

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