Let’s see if I understand you correctly: I have engaged in sexism in this thread because I have…
Tall Small

I’m not labeling you anything.

I have no real truth regarding your insides.

What I see is selfishness.


And a “hey, hey, what about me.” thing.

But, yeah, deflection.

I don’t see why you can’t write your own piece centered on the issue you care about. I don’t understand why you think we need interjection and interference from you. If you cannot take it in and respond in a compassionate way.

I don’t understand why you couldn’t just allow what we are saying sink in before bringing up the suicide issue.

I don’t understand why you still cannot seem to spend one damn second focused and compassionate on the ACTUAL TOPIC.

It’s stupid.

I’m not trying to diagnose you. I’m telling you how it comes across. That’s all.

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