You have a stunning lack of empathy for people not in your ingroup.
Equality isn’t a buffet where you get to pick all the rights and take none of the responsibilities.
Sumant Manne

I’m saying it’s not THAT common. You don’t punish and entire group of people for some crazies.

I never said it didn’t happen. I just said, you’re reaching.

And what’s your fucking point anyway? What are you arguing for now? Shouldn’t men be responsible for the children they create?

All men are now victims because some women — and I do know this happens — have trapped them with pregnancy?

But raping is okay? I don’t hear empathy from you ever. So please while I have empathy for men who get ‘trapped’ like that, they also are some accountability there in the fact that the sex presumably was consensual.

You know that penetration doesn’t have to occur to impregnate, right? So assuming these men weren’t raped, they knew that the result of the sex could be pregnancy.

So, okay… what right do you think this ought afford them?

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