He wasn’t a hero, he graduated from the bottom of his class and when captured he spilled his guts…
Dr. C. Cat

Initially, I was going to snarl and yell at you like a freakshow.

Then, I read your link.

This is serious business here, my friend. I think the writer of that article made some very good points. Namely —

  1. McCain IS a hero who served his time as a POW bravely.
  2. Who did not turn on his comrades or country.
  3. Who served this time along with many many others who were JUST AS heroic as he is.

I could not agree more with his assessment. My father went to Vietnam as an MP. He was not a POW, but he served this country bravely. He has metals too and the press has never interviewed him, he has never been a nominee for public office either.

This country allowed the returning soldiers from Vietnam to face insufferable challenges. They were spit on if they dared wear their uniform in public.

My dad says, “well, H., I had to sneak back into the country. I get upset when I see how we treat solders now. I guess I’m just jealous is all.”

Every Vietnam veteran is a hero. Every single one of them. They all deserve our respect, but few have received it. I know this with every fiber of my being.

That all said, you did not represent the article you linked accurately. You also provided no proof of you subsequent accusations, so I cannot address any of that.

I want to thank you for posting that article. It reminded me of why I stand firm in my support of the brave men and women who fight for this country, whether they agree with why the country is at war or not. Who sacrifice everything so that I can be free.

Thank you.