This is such great news for your mom and all your family.
Jim Beach

It is a great question!

And one I will entertain. I think in my mind it’s the penetration that makes cancer ‘male.’

But that might not be right. It’s just the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the question.

The second thing that came up was that cancer is destructive, by “adding unnecessary and harmful cells,” it destroys. And to me that’s a heavy metaphor for patriarchy.

Oddly, I did a skippy thing in my mind when I gave cancer a gender in this piece, but quickly dismissed it — in other words, I hadn’t given it much thought until you asked the question.

What do you think of what just sputtered out up there? Do you see any validity to my reaction here?

I’m definitely open to discussing it further as long as it’s civil, which I have no reason to think with you it won’t be… so what do you think?

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