the woman who is not president.
Trump’s Losing His War on America’s Spies
Matthew Gault

It is beautiful how you wrote this right here. Its as if they think it is possible that she could still become the president and are reminding us that SHE is the “real enemy” here… you know, just in case.

Just in case we find out the truth behind all his projections. This guy is so paranoid. There’s no way in hell they didn’t do something super shady to win this election. What are the odds that he would win the way he won? I do realize that I might be sounding paranoid at the moment…

It’s just that a person who is constantly pointing their finger at a former rival after the game was played and won — we have to really think about what that truly means.

Some time ago I had a friend who I worked with — we were friends before I joined this org — she worked there first. I was not aware of the trouble she was having doing her job. I was not aware of her amazing ability to blame everyone but herself for her poor performance.

I was also not aware of her tendency to do immoral things to get ahead. I also was in the dark about how she did those things AND told others that those who were successfully doing their jobs were doing those things in an effort to avoid being called out or disciplined for her shadiness.

Believing her sob stories I stuck up for her a lot. Surprisingly, I was one of the people she was spreading lies about.

This person stole credit for work I did and the very same time told people I stole credit for her work. She was incapable of writing a complete sentence. Everything she turned in had to be rewritten. I covered for her constantly.

This culminated in my learning about her exploits and her subsequent tendency to spread lies that those exploits were actually mine. I can’t get into specifics, let’s just say the behavior was beyond disgusting (the actual things she was doing).

I say all this to illustrate how threatened narcissists behave. She viewed me as a threat when there was zero competition between us. I was not the only person she did this to by a long shot either.

(In the end she was outed and the reputations of those she attacked — myself included — remained untarnished by her projected misdeeds.)

All the same signs are here. This man continually accuses Hillary Clinton of horrendous things, even now.


Because he views her as a threat. It isn’t just that he needs a deflection. It is BOTH. This is classic narcissistic behavior. He is not just accusing her of these things to say, “you could have ended up with this instead, be grateful you didn’t.” That is only half of the story.

The biggest question in my mind is why is he still so afraid of Hillary? Why not use any other deflection? This is targeted slander and continued accusation long after he should no longer view her as threatening.

If he had won fair and square he would not need to do this… I hope our intelligence community shows the world just how smart they are… and soon. I am rooting for them.

This ‘president’ has a lot of fucking nerve discrediting our military and intelligence community with his constant shit talking and I cannot wait for them to crush him with it.

I would think the continued slandering of Hillary Clinton would be grounds for her to take legal action at some point. I realize during campaigning all parties attack their opponent, but the election is over. His continued slandering of her cannot be legal. The competition should be over and his enemies should be present tense. They aren’t for a reason.