One of the first and most important commandments.
Tre L. Loadholt

It is so simple it is laughable. If you cannot abide this simple, easy thing — you cannot call yourself a Christian. You cannot fool anyone into believing you are on the side of the divine. You cannot trick others into believing your words and actions align. They don’t. If you cannot abide this very fundamental rule, one that is framed up in terms of how it impacts you, then it is you who is lost, it is you who is marked, it is you who is destined for pain instead of the joy promised by God in this life when we follow God’s direction.

I don’t ‘dogma’ much. This is one commandment that is seen over and over again throughout all faiths. As Saint Thomas Aquinas debated that the existence of God is true and self evident, I would argue that this one singular commandment is the ultimate truth and it is also self evident.

Thanks, Tre. Hugs and love to you, my dear.

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