You are an inspiration to me.
Kerry Kuhn

Kerry, you are also an inspirational person. You honor this as well.

And truth be told, I am not a very ‘good Christian’ in human terms. Because humans got things twisted up at some point and decided that God means for all people to have a single path to connect with the divine.

I don’t believe that is the truth. I don’t believe Jesus is the only way. Instead I believe anything that shows up looking like Jesus with nuance based upon geographical location and culture is also a path. I would even argue it is all the same path no matter what we actually call it.

Take the word ‘table’ in english and compare it to the word ‘Ein Tisch’ which means ‘table’ in German — the thing the languages are pointing to / labeling is still a fucking table — so it doesn’t matter.

It also doesn’t matter with respect to pluralism, in other words, I think that the theism need not be monotheistic like the 3 ‘bigs’ — Christianity, Islamic or Judaism are. The Hindu religion is especially good at having ‘representations’ and ‘manifestations’ of ‘God’ — but they all lead to the same place. Connection between you and me is connection with the divine — regardless of the ‘label’ used to point at the thing.

The books are a parable history. Every one of them. They can be twisted and used to harm, but that is not acting in accordance with God. It is the opposite. And every single religion I have ever read about (it’s a lot, I promise) applies the ‘Golden Rule’ in one way or another.

In some it is more hidden, less overt, but it is there. Which is why I see this as fact — even scientifically can be proven — and also self evident, obvious.

Your path and propellor might be related to a different type of problem — maybe it is women, maybe it is stigma for learning differences or things like that — but ultimately it all takes you and I to the very same place:

“Love my people as you would have them love you.”

See, we could even skip down the path together because we are fighting for the very same thing. Isn’t that wonderful?

Joyful, joyful
Lord we adore Thee
God of Glory, Lord of Love
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee
Hail Thee as the sun above
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark of doubt away
Giver of immortal gladness
Fill us with the light
Oh, fill us with the light of day

We are already filled. I’m looking at you, Kerry Kuhn.

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