women in the north used racial slurs to further their ‘cause’ by encouraging the women of the south to protest in order “to balance the vote against black men.”
Dear straight white girls: acknowledge your privileges before you hashtag #feminist on your…
Sara Roebuck

*Learned Something*

I did not know this little piece of information. I am not surprised. I just was unaware.

I’m proving your point.

This gives me a starting point to research and grow. I am grateful to you for bringing this to my attention. I agree with your piece (even the parts that make me feel uncomfortable inside). Agreement doesn’t always mean I get a new direction or pathway to discover.

It did in this case.

Again, thanks for the history lesson. I’ll honor what you’ve written here by learning more about women’s suffrage in the context of women of color, how women at the forefront of that moment may have ignored or altogether mistreated their sisters of color in the process.

I’ll be a better friend and ally for all my sisters because of this piece.

Thank you,

-Cyborg 🌺