Wow. And now, I bet someone somewhere is calling you a “conniving bitch.” I betcha! I really do.
Amber Lisa

Let em.

Don’t care. And the truth is I care about solving problems more than I care about accolades at work too. We are a team. I know the difference between guys who cannot treat me like an equal because they suck and those who usually do treat me like an equal and sometimes mess up.

The truth is there are more of the second variety then the first — in MY environment. And we look out for each other. My bottom line at work is getting the job done.

Yeah, it hurts that in certain rooms with certain people, it’s better to let the dudes talk. But feeding info to the dudes talking has benefited me greatly. They don’t like it either.

My environment isn’t typical. We do pretty well comparatively speaking. I don’t have it that bad.

Those who work with me and truly partner with me give me props when I earn them. I need that and a paycheck. I’d bet money that my org still has a delta in pay between males and females, but that it is infinitely less of a gap then the national average. So, not perfect, but still pretty good.


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