You have a most creative style while exhibiting your ability to keep your thoughts flowing.
Anthony Cloe Huie

Let me see if I can AMPLIFY your words a bit…

What happens?

Well, the fear burns hotter, that’s what happens.

What happens after that?

What happens in the minds of the children watching this madness?

What are we teaching THEM?

Are they learning that being afraid is a good reason to be reactive? Or are they wondering how FEARFUL police officers are going to help them when THEY are in trouble?!?

And what about that reaction? As adults, aren’t we supposed to be RESPONSIVE — embracing — RESPONSIBILITY instead of REACTIVE — letting our emotions — FEAR — control US?

Are we really trying to teach our children that violence and murder are ok as long as we FEEL AFRAID?


See if that doesn’t turn your wheels, because I’m a spinning over here.


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