First, when I said I couldn’t find it, I didn’t mean I thought it had disappeared.
Randomly Me

Let’s not fight.

The email — ugh… I’m buried in it. That’s got everything to do with my overwhelm and nothing to do with you, I promise.

I was only hurt because I thought you were saying something you weren’t saying. I am very sensitive about that particular thing.

I’m sorry I gave you the impression that I wanted to change your mind about who you talk to and who you don’t. I wasn’t. I never was. I just wanted you to understand why Elliot’s post. What the intent was… because you seemed upset by it.

You seemed upset by it and also disappointed in those who participated in it and I thought I could present you with the other side of the story. I thought you’d want to know it.

You get to pick who you interact with and I’ve no intension of trying to assert myself there. I just wanted you to have the information.

I think you saying that you hadn’t seen me on your stuff without saying but I know that doesn’t mean you don’t care, or have snubbed me — left the thing open to be interpreted either way. I went to the negative.

I could have given you the benefit of the doubt. That would have been the nicer thing to do.

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