I am losing hope that we will ever be safe from those who know they can brutalize us without…

Me too. But for now it’s still our job.

We have been told, directly, by both men and women in this country—

“If you don’t want your daughters and sons to get raped, teach them ‘don’t GET raped’”

Instead of what we should be teaching, which is —


Because economy. The message is clear. We do not take the suffering of sexual abuse victims seriously. We don’t even acknowledge the very real threat this is to our safety.

We have hired a man despite his casual admittance to assault. He has been taken to court more times than Michael Jackson for sexual offenses, some including violations of children.

He gets rewarded with the highest office in the land. While his buddy he bragged to gets fired.

We are truly fucking stupid, selfish and ignorant. I hope he does blow up this planet. We don’t deserve to call ourselves human. We’re monsters.

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