I am sorry, more than sorry, that anything I have said or written has upset you.
Hello H . Allow me to extend my hand in peace.
Michelle Stone


You don’t owe me an apology. I am sorry if I came across like I was angry with you. I’m not.

I am devastated by the invalidation that occurs here when people of color try to express themselves.

It triggers me. I understand you didn’t mean to invalidate. The thing is, your intent isn’t the thing I was addressing. And I am angry.

Not at you. I am angry at invalidation. I am angry about people who DO use invalidation as a means to silence others.

I understand that isn’t who YOU are and you are right when you say I have plenty of history about you to know that…

It is also why I felt safe to respond to you without filtering myself at all. I trust you to understand that I am worried about my human family, that I am in pain because my sisters and brothers feel afraid if they have to walk down the street to get somewhere.

My eyes hurt. I will write more in a bit. But please know, my response was directed not at you, not at RM, but at the larger problem that I see — the abuse my family is constantly being served at the hands of white fragility.


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