For H. Nemesis Nyx …the moment I fell in love

Mr. Cyborg looks like Downey.

Just like in Iron Man

(Here’s the part where I’m going to talk about Mr. Cyborg like he’s a piece of meat, sorry — I never do this, but I want to right now, so deal.)

He is so fucking hot.

He’s got these amazing shoulders, completely chiseled arms, chest and back. Oh! And his legs! Have you ever seen a man who has massive, completely rock solid thighs and calves?

Mr. Cyborg has those! They are incredible. He’s straight out of the damn anatomy books. The ones where men have these amazing shoulders and their body conforms to a perfect V from there.


But wait… there’s more…

The man has these beautiful hazel eyes and the most amazing,

“I love and respect you, <yes!> but I’m also going to <YES!> I will also devour you…”

face that I’ve ever seen in my freaking life!

And he is so into me. I’ve loved him for so long. I still get butterflies when he looks at me like that and I know he still has them for me too.

We have loads of fun in the bedroom.

Loads of it.

Love that so much.

Mr. Cyborg looks like Downey in Iron Man.

So I watch those movies a lot…heh.

-Mrs. Cyborg
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