It’s true that Trump’s campaign released a list of conservative options for the Supreme Court, including Utah’s Mike Lee (who rejected the offer and said that Trump “scares him to death”).
An open letter to Utah voters who are still considering Trump
Jon Ogden

No good deed goes unpunished.

This won’t be an exception.

This is part here is good how it is written here, but if you read what you linked, he is not being very principled (at least in my mind).

The reasons:

  • He said he thought Clinton was “a bad choice,” comparatively to Trump. So Trump scares him to death and Clinton is comparable?
  • He still said he would vote for Trump, but that doesn’t constitute an endorsement.
How exactly and at what point exactly did voting FOR someone, NOT constitute an ‘endorsement’?

I am really trying to be open to learning from you, BECAUSE everything I’ve seen of yours is reasonable, rooted in respectful discourse and comes across highly informed. In other words, I can see that you pay attention, genuinely care about other people and do not buy into simple, 140 character lines that tragically over simplify our situation.

You are clearly a Republican, but you are one I am drawn to and whom I am writing to with sincere respect and admiration.

But this piece — which I am secretly jumping up and down inside in agreement over — is giving me some heartburn. I believe to construct voting FOR as if it is NOT an endorsement, is to skirt morality and find a way ‘around’ doing the right thing or facing the consequences of our choices (aka endorsements).

I know. The election is over.

But the fight for our civil liberties, education, safety and well being is only just beginning. We cannot afford to allow politicians to skirt around the right thing to do even if they never look us in the eye and say they’ve done it, if they do wrong, by voting wrong, they ARE endorsing wrong.

I stand with you. I am 100% sure we do not agree on many ‘how to do’ things, but I am equally sure we do agree on some basic ‘what to do’ things.

  • I am quite certain we agree on the nature of false equivalence and how it helps politicians be evasive and avoid answering for their wrong endorsements. Endorsements that can amount to unnecessary suffering of great numbers of our fellow citizens.
  • I am quite certain we agree that women ought be treated as human beings instead of objects. How we show this respect in terms of rights we are willing to fight to endorse, will likely be very different, but we agree women are people, not objects. And that’s a start. That’s common ground we can build upon.
  • I am also very sure that we agree that children deserve an education, the basics on how to think, be curious, respond to change and grow. I am sure we won’t completely align in terms of how we provide that educational foundation, but we agree that they do need the foundation. That is a very strong building block for us.

Along with the above basic foundational values, we must also stand together against fuzzy language, temporary morality that has no legs and to call the bad actors to the center ring when they attempt the foul dance of the cake eater’s jig.

I am counting on you to reason with reasonable people, like yourself, to look at the picture and squeeze out the wiggle room that has contributed to this three ringed circus.

Because those people will not listen to me.

Don’t let them wiggle. Keep being amazingly calm, educated, sincere and clear as the night’s sky in the middle of the desert. You are quenching my thirst.

But like anyone who’s been longing to drink, I am still parched.

Parched for partnerships with those I don’t completely agree with on ‘how,’ but who want the same ‘what’ as I do.

Parched for strong, respectful and kindhearted republicans to stand with me shoulder to shoulder, hand over heart, in love with this country, saying, “we can work out the details later, here is where we are, but it is not where we are going. We know where we want to be and it ain’t here.”

Parched for those who will not dehumanize me for thinking differently and who trust they will receive the same in kind from me.

Please. No more wiggling. A vote for, loud or soft is an endorsement, just like music is music — loud or soft.

If they have the wrong priorities, they can no longer siphon off our hard work. That message needs to come through and I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re about the only guy I’ve read who has a chance in hell of delivering it.

Frodo Baggins was the only hobbit who could carry the ring into Mordor. He knew he would die. Trust that I will send the Eagles in to get you. Believe that you have many hobbits of the left leaning variety who will help you recover and jump on the bed in celebratory foolishness that was completely unnecessary when you awake from the ordeal.

“For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty forever beyond its reach.”
— J.R.R. Tolkien; The Return of the King


-Cyborg 🌺