A bridge of hope
Michelle Stone

Offer of spirit.

I saw you there. I meant to mention that… I really need to keep a list. LOL.

I know you don’t really mind speaking up, and I see that shelter you offer.

I hope no one reads to hard into your words. We are all responsible for ourselves at the end of the day. And knowing how to ask for help is an important part of taking on that responsibility.

We must at the very same time teach adults how to listen for cries for help, because until we are adults, we cannot be on our own. And more often than not those cries do not sound the same from a child as they do from an adult — which is why they often go unrecognized.

Thank you for these words. They mean a lot to me. They were absolutely beautiful.

And you get me. You really do, Michelle Stone. My thoughts were just what you said, that maybe we could find some truth inside all the perspectives that were presented here — that maybe in our learning we might

  • ease the pain of somethings already done
  • prevent somethings which dye had not yet cast

Big hugs. Big big big hugs.


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