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This is going to be fun.

Let’s take a closer look at your words here…

“You are confused and apparently are not good at math.”

My Reply: This is pretty insulting. How can you possibly know these things based on the article presented? Apparently, you are not familiar with irony.

“I am guessing your reading comprehension is poor also.”

My Reply: Why are you guessing that? Regardless of your opinion on what the author wrote, the writing seems sound and a person can’t usually write if they can’t read first, so what makes you say such a thing? I’m guessing you have trouble making friends at parties.

“You are as dumb as the kids are.”

My Reply: This right here, is exactly the problem. This teacher is not dumb for wanting an even exchange of ideas in the classroom and wanting to do the job without being insulted.

The kids are learning these behaviors from people like you who say things like this and actually think there’s nothing wrong with calling people names.

It is inappropriate and socially unacceptable. Why even comment if you think the poster is ‘dumb?’ What’s the point?

You are as trollish as they come.

“What a nice respectable commie you are. The only real racist in your classroom is you and you are a pro.”

My Reply: Wait what? Can you please point to specific things in the poster’s text that make you call them a respectful ‘commie’? How about quoting the points that you think show the author to be a ‘pro’ at racism? What does that even mean?

What a confused little troll you are. The most confused I’ve seen in a while. You are not a pro.

“Look where your own menacing ideas have landed you and the effect you have.”

What menacing ideas? That in the classroom a professor should facilitate a respectful discussion based on factual information and actually let kids speak and be full participants in their education? Where has the professor ‘landed’ because of these ideas? What effect?

These statements are baseless, garbled and lacking in substance. What in the actual heck are you talking about?

See where your menacing behavior has landed you! You caught my attention by being a nasty troll. The effect this post had on your fragile troll feelings is obvious. It is also ugly.

“Young people often change their minds over a course of years.”

My Reply: Now this right here is a fact. Nothing to argue about. It is an absolute truth that young people often do change their minds. I think you did a good job with this statement right here.

“Not old liberals, they never change their minds.”

My Reply: Uh-oh! Seems like your accusation thingy is back. Do you know that when you use words like ‘never’ or ‘always,’ your words actually lose their meaning because that level of absolute cannot be proven? Look at the difference between this statement and the one before it.

The statement that kids often change their minds quickly becomes less factual and reliable if you swap ‘often’ out with the word ‘always.’ Kids often DO change their minds; but they do NOT always change their minds.

Case in point — you were a kid once and at the moment your words seem to suggest that you still behave like one… did you change?

The statement you made is factually incorrect on many levels and there are some assumptions in there. I don’t know if you know what assumptions make you look like — the word starts with an ‘a’ and ends with an asshole.

You do not know that this professor is old and you do not know that they are liberal.

You also do not know that “old liberals” never <insert anything anyone could never do here>.

You can’t make this statement and expect anyone with the common sense god gave them to believe you.

“At least there is some hope for the kids.”

My Reply: this is a nice, hopeful statement. It is confusing in the context of everything else because everything else you wrote seems to suggest you agree with the kids’ current state of mind. Therefore I’m not sure why this would be said in such a positive tone by the same person who wrote all that other stuff we already went over.

In any event, because I make it a point to provide helpful feedback, here is how I would rework your post.

Option 1 —

“Young people often change their minds over a course of years. You come across like you might be a liberal. In my experience liberals rarely change their minds. At least there is some hope for the kids.”

The above was all you needed to say. It would have been perceived as right leaning, but not unreasonably nasty. It would have also been factual and respectful. Perhaps it would have opened the door to a discussion.

Unfortunately, you choose to be a complete dick for the vast majority of your post instead of simply making a comment that expressed some dislike of the subject but didn’t cross into the area of complete ignorance and trollish behavior.

You would have looked smarter to me and I would not have the ability to ridicule you with your own words had you gone with this option.

Option 2 —

Say nothing. Move the fuck along. What did you really contribute here?

Nothing. All you did was show yourself to be incapable of making an argument rooted in fact and set off my ‘troll detector’ alarm. Now I think you are person with no class.

All of that could have been avoided with option 2.

You have freedom of speech. You can comment wherever you want to on the internet. But guess what? I do too. I’m here to tell you that your comment makes you look like a foolish troll-cry-baby-child astroturfing for his over used bronzer wearing king baby Cheato overlord. Have you no self respect?

I invite you to grow up.


-Cyborg 🌺