Why Ava DuVernay’s “13th” is the Film that Hurts and Heals
Ezinne Ukoha

Oh holy hell!

I am almost finished. I had to take a break.

My jaw is on the floor.

“I already knew about this!”
But I didn’t know shit really.

I knew, intuitively. I knew, from studying history. I knew, because I REMEMBER “super predator.” I’ve read pages and pages of materials on eji.org and other sites like it. But…


I really didn’t know dick or spit about the admissions — this is documented state-sanctioned terror!

And that child who lived through so much, three years of his life stolen from him, released and couldn’t live with how he was treated, discarded by his country — over something he did not even do!

95% of black people never go to trial. They take the plea…

Whether they did the thing or not…

They take the plea…


I knew nothing. I knew nothing at all and I’m so annoyed with myself for that — but there’s a cure — I will keep learning, Ezinne, I promise you, I will stay hungry for knowledge.

Fuck. This. Shit.

Thank you for helping me see more clearly, for pointing to this resource. It is very painful. But I’d rather be hurting over knowing than not knowing and condoning this shit happening to others through my own ignorance.

Love & Hugs,

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