Please Stop Asking Me to Empathize With Trump Supporters

Oh miabrett. Oh my dear.

You worked so hard. Blocked, invalidated, gaslit, minimized, mocked at every turn.

You were being verbally abused in that discussion. I started feeling so sick and shaking so badly halfway through it that I had to stop reading.

You tried. You fought hard, you fought honorably. You didn’t deserve that at all.

I am so sorry you endured that abuse. It was wrong.

Very very wrong. Possibly someone saw what you posted and it changed things for them. Take heart. Someone with integrity read those words and maybe it didn’t change their minds about Hillary but it could have changed their minds about being kind to others?

I don’t know. But there are lurkers in these online spaces. You set a good example. But for my personal health and well being I would not have been able to continue that as long as you did.

I admire you.

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