Kimberly K.

Oh thank God!

You have done it now. Snapped me out of my trance! I really was losing my shit there for a minute, but now that I am clear about what freedom of speech is and what democracy is, I can finally stop worrying.

Thank you for presenting these reasonable arguments from twitter, Kimberly Koenig. Without them, I would have relied on my stupid civics lessons from elementary school or research I could conduct about the constitution and our system of checks and balances all on my own!

Can you imagine? I would have been truly going the wrong way with that shit!

Thank goodness you’ve done this service, bringing the message of these polite people who just want us to agree with them. I mean, what a bunch of ingrates we are!

I cannot believe our audacity!

Heheh. You fucking rock, sister! Well done!

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