I will try. I usually don’t.
Guz Puz

Oh you are absolutely right. I ignored the other point. Completely.

I couldn’t. I just got mad and reacted.

I think the other point, as I said later — admittedly inside my anger…

Is that a bathroom is a boundary thing. And I like boundaries.

I’m not getting into a conversation about penises because in my opinion it doesn’t really matter about the plumbing, like at all.

It’s a boundary. End of story.

But a boundary is something individuals are responsible to uphold. We are asking whom about these rules?

If I was in a bathroom and someone I felt uncomfortable about for any reason whatsoever came in, I’d leave quickly.

I don’t use the bathroom when I’m uncomfortable.

I take it on myself to deal with that so I don’t really understand why the discussion matters.

But, I think all people should have that right to collect themselves and go or stay — I don’t need anyone to talk about these rules for me.

So I focused on what was bugging me in the preface.

Getting mad and letting that fire run up like it did. It happens. Has to go somewhere.

I still think it is bullshit. And I think just because I like someone’s art doesn’t mean I care to ignore words I find offensive.

But I’m usually less angry, more purposeful. It’s true.

You caught me. Now what? 😛

PS forgive the type-o’s I just had a ‘puddle-fest’ with a cameo and I’m dog tired.

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