H. Nemesis Nyx

On the mess that is your iOS application.

Dear you guys & gals,

That photo is me wanting to throw something very heavy. I’m super mad like every day.

Because I love it here and I work so hard on what I write.

And I use my iPhone the most to write here.

And I understand that mobile apps are always limited in some capacity.

But the things that are supposed to work on it, DO NOT WORK. Like, way more than should be acceptable to you.

Every post. Every single one. When I publish, shows up with missing words when the finial post is shown to me.



So I want to throw a car! Because I look ridiculous with a sentence that is cut off in the middle of it.

Right now I’m trying to figure out my own workaround because I’ve had this thing




What? What did I put there after that ‘or’? I forgot already! Damnit! And I can’t select my draft, copy / paste it into a different app before I publish, because

Your app won’t let me copy more than a paragraph at a time!!!!

Come on!

This is driving me up a wall. When I hit publish I’m leaving whatever mistakes this stupid thing creates so you can see it in practice. So if you find yourself trying to read this and wondering why I can’t make full words, full paragraphs or complete a thought, understand that I can…

Your app

Please make it stop. It hurts my Cyborg feelings and makes me want to throw cars.

H. Nemesis Nyx

Written by

One part cyborg; two parts glorious mess.

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