Hello! Yes :) We just released version 2.14
Tyler Hedrick

Open letter to Tyler Hedrick for answering my open letter about the word dropper bug.

What’s that you say?

You fixed the word dropper bug?!? FOR REAL? I have to try it out. And since you’re working so hard to put yourself in my shoes, I want you to know how happy I am about the attention you’ve given this issue.

Like STUPID happy. And this is my first post after the update, so I want you to understand that I’m ALREADY HAPPY.

Why? Am I already happy before I know whether the fix will really be the fix? Well…

  1. You listened to me.
  2. You dug into my post and found all the missing parts.
  3. You understood, without my having to tell you, that I was dropping hints with the highlighter.
  4. You wrote this awesomely fun explanation of the steps you took to fix it.

You also wrote a very funny update “release note” with dropped words. That’s hilarious!

So thank you, bug squasher! Thank you so very much. I hope you know that when I hit publish on this, if I loose words, I’m going to keep the faith that we will get this resolved. And if I don’t loose words, I’m going to say so… loudly.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!