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Predators are everywhere. This has happened to me too. I married someone who did that to me AFTER he already showed me that was his MO. Can you imagine how embarrassing? I was so ashamed I struggled to leave him. And then when I finally did, he had convinced my whole family that he was “righteous and perfect, while I was merely damaged goods,” MY FAMILY believed him. They treated me like shit because I fought to save my own soul. I was shameful for THEM. I was the bad guy! I was the one who did all the wrong and he was just this innocent guy who I was horrible to for no reason at all. I had NO support. I was completely isolated. Had no job, no friends and my family was abusive. But I DEFIED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I was tired of being controlled by people who said they loved me. So I decided NOT to do what was expected. I decided to go a different way and I shocked all of them. I am gainfully employed, I am a mother, I am a devoted girl friend to a wonderful man and I am a great friend. I am no stronger than you. I am no better than you. I had access to good resources. I was lucky in that way. I can show you the path that I took and I can be there to hold your hand. There is a way out. I know because I found it myself. All alone. People told me I was CRAZY. My own therapist told me to slow down constantly. I dumped him. I know myself. You know yourself. Some of what I did will not be for you and that is ok. But there are always more than two options on the table for any adult. There are always alternatives. These people who have hurt you are telling you something about THEMSELVES, that is not your stuff. They act like it is, they try to make you believe that it is, but they are lying and they know it.

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