I know you’re writing from experience, and I know there have been many kids failed by the school…
Randomly Me

Randomly Me you’re correct. And the truth is, I don’t blame the teachers.

I blame corporations, helicopter parents, politicians and the administrative people who are supposed to protect teachers so they can focus on their jobs.

It is a crisis! Look at what we do! We spend ZILLIONS of dollars on incarcerating non-violent black boys, dump money into sport franchises, build new stadiums, dump money into media that fails us EVERY FUCKING DAY. Our priorities are completely stupid and backward.

Personally, I think teachers should be paid the salary of our baseball players, football players, etc. You saw what Tino Hadley wrote… he was told sports was all he was good for! That is fucked up. But it’s not the teachers’ fault. It’s the culture.

Standardized testing is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It makes ZERO sense and it tells us nothing! The teachers here might not get a raise if their students don’t do well on the standardized test. That is not fair and all it does is incentivize them to teach TO the test!

My son goes to a great school. There have also been MANY inspirational teachers in my life. But from about 7th grade forward, school was HELL for me. What I shared here was the tip of the iceberg.

Regardless, my son said something to me that made me feel better about racism in schools when he was about 7 years old. He said, “mom, I’m sure glad that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard for all people. If he hadn’t I wouldn’t get to be friends with Aleehya, since our skin isn’t the same color. I love her mom — just as a friend — and I don’t want to think about not having her as a friend. So MLK makes me happy.”

And that’s good. And my son doesn’t tolerate racism — like corrects adults even — at 11. I know some of that is because of what I teach at home, but they are doing things at schools about this too. I’m glad.

I think my point is that not all schools have the funds, the great teachers and resources because our culture has backward priorities. I’d say about 95% of teachers deeply care and want the best for their students. They just have an uphill battle.

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