rapists are not happy. They are angry and full of shame. These men don’t have any self awareness, they have no idea how to process their feelings. Their anger came from somewhere, all emotions are legitimate but they are in denial about their truth and they are hurting others indiscriminately.
Why some men become rapists
Salma Sitara

Rape is about power. It is not about sex. That goes for rape of men and women. And it makes no difference the sex of the rapist.

For someone who hasn’t been sexually abused, you still seem to think you’ve got it all figured out — just through observation.

This is absurd. You’re arguments here do not help anyone. You make assumptions based on gender and big sweeping generalizations.

This has always been something I’ve found to be a turn off with respect to your writing about trauma. You speak for others. It is offensive and inappropriate.

You are presenting this as if it is fact based research, therefore you need to cite your sources. Your experiences in your particular therapy group are a narrow vision and do not represent the whole of those of us who have been raped or sexually abused.

I don’t like that you’ve chosen to so flippantly speak for me. I don’t appreciate the conclusions you come to either.

I definitely do not appreciate being told that because I’m a woman somehow my sexual abuse was easier for me to deal with —

  1. There’s no way for you to know that.
  2. What gives you the right to make such generalizations anyway?
  3. I can speak for myself.