I have, in general, found her writing to be all kinds of bad, even if I’m predisposed to agreeing…
Elliot Nichols

She completely screwed herself in more ways than one here. There are THREE MASSIVE problems with this post. They are:

  1. Hitler / Holocaust comparisons ALWAYS drive me up a wall, they are almost NEVER appropriate.
  2. Bros / Bitches — I mean really, what in the actual fuck is that about?
  3. Blatant disregard for the reality of cost for emergency services such as ambulance and air lift — $750 per ride to $30,000 per lift respectfully.

Whether I agree or not with the overall crux here is irrelevant. It’s fucking grade A bullshit to present these things in such an irresponsible fashion.

Oh no, I cannot abide. Oh I cannot.

Thanks for “seconding” my yuck.

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