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John Hopkins,

Sometimes people need help when they feel like they are getting jerked around. I have an established relationship with Renae Tobias and I don’t mind one bit if she asks for some help.

Maybe the help she needed in the moment was for me to tell her that everything was going to be alright? Maybe that’s how I might have responded if I was in a good frame of mind that would have allowed me to be supportive of her?

I wasn’t in that frame of mind, so I didn’t respond to you at all.

Also, if I establish a relationship with you, I’d expect that maybe some day you’d request my help.

I would absolutely hate it if someone criticized you for doing so. It’s just basic friendship ideals that we have, that may or may not align with yours.

I understand how it came across to you. I think there’s another way of looking at it. And after the above explanation, I hope you’ll be accepting of our views on friendship, whether you agree with them or not.

By the way, this response you wrote came across as an attack to me. Was that your intent?

I cant really understand why you’d want to come across that way towards me since I didn’t jump into the discussion at all… it would be helpful for me to understand what you hope to achieve with this reply.



CC: alto & TeriJo

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