I detest any form of identity politics.
Son of Roxie

Still Curious.

However, for transparency…

I do not agree with the vast majority of your post, for a variety of reasons, but my opinion is already known to me; therefore, instead of arguing with what you’ve told me, I’ll simply ask you for more information.

I am practicing something. It would help me out tremendously if (when you have time) you could share more with me.

— Specifically —
  1. What does the term ‘identity politics’ mean to you?
  2. Why do people protest (in general) and what do you think the goal of any given protest should be (again, in general)?
  3. What do you think the vision and mission of BLM is?
  4. Do you think the tactics you pointed out were directed by a centralized leader of BLM and if not, where do you think the people using them came up with the tactics they use that you do not like?
  5. Why do you think they’ve deployed such methods as opposed to alternative tactics?
  6. What alternatives would you have them use if you were to help shape their methods?
  7. When I read your post, it seemed that you were attributing the actions of some white people to members of BLM, like it was because of BLM and their tactics that some white people voted for Trump, for example. How can BLM as an organization be responsible for the actions of individuals outside their organization(or inside it for that matter)?
  8. You mentioned that they had meetings and didn’t allow white people to attend. Is it wrong for BLM to have meetings in which they only invite black or brown Americans to attend? If so, why is it wrong?
  9. Are there other groups that are actively seeking justice and fairness which deploy ‘better’ and/or more effective methods in your opinion? If so, which organizations?
  10. Is it possible that the ‘increase in bigotry’ you’ve perceived is more aptly called ‘louder, more overt bigotry?’ (ok, that was argumentative, you don’t have to answer that one)…

I’m very curious about your opinion on the above. I’ve read some of your stuff and it seems to me that you don’t like or appreciate bigotry, I’d go as far as to say you’re opposed to it. To me, that would suggest that you’ve a. given this some thought and b. would be naturally aligned with BLM. But you have serious reservations about BLM and based on my observations of you in the past, I think a discussion about the above would be challenging and helpful for me.

You don’t have to answer any of these questions and I promise when you ask for my opinion I’ll share it respectfully and openly with you.