Its always dangerous to mention the Second Amendment when talking about guns.
Bill St. Clair

Taxation is not thievery as long as it goes to the things it promises to pay for. Since at this time most of it lines the pockets of the assholes in my original article, at this time it is thievery.

Be clear.

Because that highway you drive on was paid for by taxes

The school systems are supported by taxes

The municipal, city, state taxes pay for things we need. The federal tax is something else altogether, but please, you cannot have nice things without paying for them.

So, “stop taxation” is not a workable solution. What’s the solution to maintaining our country’s infrastructure without taxes? How do you suppose we pay for our schools? Radical sound bites mean nothing.

And again, your interpretation is great, but you didn’t address the very real problem I presented you.

Instead you ignore the fact that without the right training having a gun during an active shooter situation would do nothing for you.

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