The Wedding Day Poem
Benjamin Sulle


You move me, Benjamin Sulle.

Look at how beautiful you are. Do you see it? Do you see how much you value others?

I am not next to you, I am sitting here, machine in hand, reading the words of a beautiful man. You just put your heart all over my screen and I love it.

It’s different. It is completely unique. But you have much in common with others here at the same time.

My brother from another mother, 😂 Tino Hadley is similar in the way he values the woman whose hand he holds. You two are a breath of fresh air for me.

I worry about my sisters finding men who are good in this world. There are so few of you. It lightens the load on my heart to read words like this — words that show kindness, respect and the understanding that woman are cut from divine cloth.

Thank you.

Tino, meet Benjamin. Benjamin, meet Tino. Your sweetness, divine goodness and love and respect for others is a clear connective thread.

That and the fact that you are my brothers.

Hugs you two. ❤️s too.

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