My own analysis, for you white folks:
Michon Neal

Thank you!

I appreciate your voice. As you can probably tell, I have been confused.

Here’s what I think you just told me — in my own words:

Where we spend our money is where our priorities are. Therefore, it is important to be thinking of the fastest, most effective way to get funding into the hands of the people who know what to do with it — The organizations that have established methods and know how to organize to actually help keep people safe!

There are only a zillion organizations out there who need help. Volunteer if you can’t donate. Wear your safety pin while you’re at it. Don’t let the safety pin become a movement without an action behind it. And when a person says, “yeah, I’m skeptical about this because…” don’t dismiss them because more than likely they see something you don’t see.

Did I get it?

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