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Having PTSD has given me the opportunity of belonging to a very exclusive club. I have found great friends and support amongst the service men and women which have this in common with me — a civilian with the same brain injury as they have — it’s not so fortunate to have the brain health problem, but it is nice to have the support.

Anyway, one of my best friends was raped while serving our country in Kuwait. By most of the men in her unit. She said that she thinks what actually caused her injury — the PTSD — was how she was treated by the military through the reporting of the assault and their repeated blame directed at herself.

Well that and she was dependent upon her brothers for survival near a war zone. The rejection, isolation and psychological abuse she suffered at the hands of the machine — in the aftermath of her attack was most traumatizing for her.

This included a mandatory DNC to remove the child that was conceived through the coarse of her rape.

Yes, I did just say she was forced to have an abortion.

I was appalled for my friend — see, she is pro choice, but her personal choice would NEVER be abortion — she wouldn’t ever tell anyone else they couldn’t have one, she just wouldn’t…

She said this, “you sign your body over and rape is considered a known occupational hazard.”

Amongst those of us with PTSD, there is a special category for women and men like my friend — PTSD brought on by military sexual trauma — this is a whole other ballgame. You’re absolutely right to bring out the points you have, but it is so much worse than you think.

Everyone should watch the movie trailered above.

I knew you were an absolute delight of a person before, jaden violet, but this… knowing confirmed yet again.


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